For twelve days this coming summer, from July 4th-15th, we will be hosting our 2nd NCC Music Camp at Moriah Heights.

This summer program will provide musical training for children and youth with the purpose of bringing the gospel to a wide audience through music. Participants must be at least 12 years old. We will be having several public concerts, as well as partnering with 21st Missionary  to create high quality music videos featuring the assembled youth for online missionary outreach. The cost for this program will be $350.00.

The Music Camp will be held in Moriah Heights, Plymouth, CA. The concert will be held in Sacramento, California.


Participants will be needed for the following positions:

  • Choir members
  • Orchestra Members 

Volunteers* will be needed for the following positions:

  • Kitchen Help
  • Cabin Chaperones
  • Media 

*All expenses will be covered for volunteers during the music camp. 

All participants and volunteers will need to:

  1. Register 
  2. Be approved 
  3. Receive approval letter
  4. Make payment

Do not miss this opportunity!


  • Seating auditions July 4th-5th.
  • Sectionals and general rehearsals July 6th, 8th-13th.
  • Spiritual conference July 13-14th.
  • Concert performance July 15th

    Artistic Director/Orchestral Conductor/Instructor:             Isaac Terceros


Artistic Director/Orchestral Conductor/Instructor:            Isaac Terceros

Previous Music Camp Testimonials:

“Earlier this year I heard that a music camp would be held in Romania, and I wasn’t sure whether I should go or not. However, the last music camp I attended in Virginia proved to be a unique experience, so I decided to go. The first night Br. Isaac Tercersos and Sr. Barbara Montrose auditioned each one of us. With our instruments and voices, beautiful harmonies were created. Over the course of the next few days we practiced from the early morning until past 11pm. The whole week passed by very quickly, and before we knew it, the time came for us to perform in front of all the people who had come for this meeting. As the conference came to a close, everyone was convinced that this was a true blessing! I would personally encourage anyone to whom God has given the talent of singing or playing an instrument to go to these kinds of events. Together we can praise God and be a blessing to everyone else as well!” –Bianca Sirbu

This past summer, I went to Romania and I had the opportunity to be part of the Music Camp there. We practiced everyday with only a few small breaks here and there. This may not sound like the ideal summer, but it actually turned out to be one of the best summers ever. I learned that playing an instrument and using it to the honor and glory of God makes me and the people around me happy. When I returned back to the US, I decided to continue the experience I had there. I'm glad to be able to keep praising God along with other people who love to play just as much as I do. But, I will always remember that special moment in Porumbacu, Romania, where I started to truly enjoy playing in an orchestra. I encourage everyone to get into music because it's a lot of fun and you feel really good when you can praise God with such a unique talent.” – Jason Raileanu



“The 22nd General Conference symphony was one of the best experiences that I had in my life of music and my walk with Jesus. I didn’t even realize that time was passing by. Whenever there were breaks in between practices, all the youth would hang out and make friends! I wouldn’t mind going back to those fun exhilarating days! Participating in the GC symphony was a highlight in my life of music and friendship.” –Christina Lee

“This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend a musical summer camp in Porumbacu, Romania. I met amazing people that shared the same passion—music. We all bonded over the long hours spent practicing for the big event. Besides music, we all had in common the desire to absorb new things and learning how to improve our performance. We noticed that we could always do better, that perfection was almost impossible to reach. But in this camp I learned that "perfect" means to realize that we are playing for the honor and glory of God. In His eyes, praising him is perfection. I really hope to attend another event like this as soon as possible. Next time there's a chance, join me! Don't miss out on such an awesome experience!" - Alexia Mocanu  

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